From the heart: A Good Neighborhood

It is of personal importance to us at Griesheim Industrial Park to have a positive exchange with our neighbors. We have an annual discussion group with our neighbors, informing them of upcoming projects. We are also always open to receiving your thoughts and concerns and are prepared to discuss them with you in an open exchange.

Current information for the neighborhood:

Safety comes first

The operational facilities of AllessaProduktion GmbH, Infraserv Logistics GmbH and WeylChem Griesheim GmbH are located on the Infraserv Griesheim site. Chemical products are manufactures, stored or refined here and are transported via road or rail. In-depth safety measures limit the possible risks related to these processes. However it is not possible to completely exclude the possibility of operation faults or transport hazards occurring, which could lead to dangers for the nearby population.

The safety staff of the occupational fire brigade in Frankfurt /Main, the police and Infrasite Griesheim’s own hazard prevention team (site fire brigade) are trained and equipped for event of an emergency. They are able to conduct the necessary measures required in the event of an emergency to competently protect you and your staff.

Benefit from the protection of round the clock warnings, both in the cases of larger hazards caused by substantial damages, as well as more minor incidents in chemical facilities, via the installed sirens, loudspeaker vans, police and fire brigade, as well as radio broadcasts.

Further information regarding the different siren types and correct conduct in the event of an alarm can be found here .


Security brochure

Security brochure

For neighbors (PDF)

Here is detailed information and a code of conduct in German, English, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian and Italian.