Radio stations

Please note: Some time may pass between a siren warning and the radio message.

hr194,4 MHz
hr389,3 MHz
hr4102,5 MHz
hr INFO103,9 MHz or 107,0 MHz
You FM90,4 MHz
FFH105,9 MHz

for Frankfurt, Offenbach, Kelsterbach, and Liederbach

hr187,60 MHz
hr388,55 MHz
hr489,00 MHz
hr INFO88,2 MHz
You FM89,8 MHz
FFH90,75 MHz

StationTransponderPolarizationFrequencySymbol rateFECAudio PID
hr193horizontal12,2655 GHz27,5 MSymb/s3/4401
hr393horizontal12,2655 GHz27,5 MSymb/s3/4421
hr493horizontal12,2655 GHz27,5 MSymb/s3/4431
hr iNFO93horizontal12,2655 GHz27,5 MSymb/s3/4461
YOU FM93horizontal12,2655 GHz27,5 MSymb/s3/4451
FFH113horizontal12,63325 GHz22,0 MSymb/s5/61024


Security brochure

Security brochure

For neighbors (PDF)

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