This is the Correct Conduct in the Event of an Alarm

Caution and swift reaction are of key importance in a serious incident. Please therefore be aware of these general points regarding conduct in the event of an alarm.

Conduct in the event of a siren alarm

1 Minute Wailing Sound (MP3)
"up and down"
There is a burning gas, steam, harmful substance or similar danger/hazard in your vicinity

Safety advice

  • Find a building and go to the most interior room(s) in the upper floors
  • Bring children inside
  • Help the disabled and elderly
  • Bring passers by inside
  • Inform direct neighbors
  • Do not touch objects contaminated by leaking chemicals with your bare hands
  • Take off contaminated clothing and footwear before entering a building
  • Close all doors and windows
  • Turn off air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Turn on radio devices (Radiobroadcasters and frequencies)


1 Minute Continuous Alarm (MP3)All-clear signal. There is no more danger/hazard present.

Informations brochure (PDF)

Here you will find further information and rules of conduct in English, German, Turkish, Serbo-Coratian, and Italian language.