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Today’s industrial park on Stroofstraße in Griesheim area of Frankfurt dates back over 150 years.


2016: SGL closes production site in Griesheim

2014 onwards: WeylChem invests a total of 25 million Euro in facilities and its own infrastructure, setting the basis for further growth.

2012: Over 1.2 million Euro invested by Infrasite Griesheim in the location’s infrastructure.

2009: Site taken over by Infrasite Griesheim, an Infraserv Höchst Group company. Infrasite responsible for all site services from this date onwards.

2007: Merger of Industriepark Griesheim GmbH & Co. KG and parent company, Clariant.

2005: Transfer of five chemical production facilities, logistics, research, marketing and sales units from Clariant in Clariant Specialty Fine Chemicals GmbH (CSFC). Since 2007, WeylChem Frankfurt GmbH.

2005: Sale of technical services segment of Frankfurt-Griesheim Industrial Park (German “Industriepark Griesheim GmbH & Co. KG”) to industrial service provider, Rheinhold & Mahla AG (R&M). R&M Industrial Services (German “Industrieservice Griesheim GmbH”) (known today as BIS Maintenance GmbH) is created.

2003: Based on location services of Clariant, Frankfurt-Griesheim Industrial Park (German: “Industriepark Griesheim GmbH & Co. KG”). Griesheim factory becomes a closed industrial park, well connected by infrastructure, with space for new providers and companies.

2001: Transfer of three chemical production facilities of Clariant on site to AllessaChemie GmbH (now AllessaProduktion GmbH).

2000: Transfer of materials management and transport services to Infraserv Logistics GmbH.

1997: Transfer of speciality chemicals business segment of Hoechst AG to Swiss Clariant AG. Griesheim becomes part of German Clariant GmbH. Production of reacting agent products for pharmacy and plant protection, preliminary stages for pigments, fibers and additives, as well as operation of service units and infrastructural facilities by Clariant.

1995: Transfer of plant protection chemical production to AgrEyo GmbH (now Bayer CropScience GmbH).

1991: Founding of SGL Carbon GmbH as a joint venture between Sigri, Great Lakes Carbon and Pechiney.

1967: Hoechst, Siemens and Rüttgers found Sigri Elektrographit GmbH for Carbon based products.

1952: Integration of Griesheim plant into Farbwerke Hoechst AG (as of 1969, Hoechst AG).

1951: Outsourcing of oxygen and autogen technology to Knapsack Griesheim AG (as of 1965, Messer Griesheim GmbH).


1946: Restart of production under US management.

1945: US army occupation.

1930: Development of electro welding with Argon and protective gas.

1925: Takeover into IG Farbenindustrie AG. Loss of independence and diverse production, production of chemical intermediate products, floatation chemicals, drying agents, rust protection agents and inert gases.

1913: Philipp Siedler develops fluorescent tubes with inert gas.

1913: Chemische Fabrik Griesheim Elektron (CFGE) presents itself as an internationally operating company which, in addition to its main plant in Griesheim, belongs to 6 external facilities and five investments in Germany, as well as four in France, Spain and Russia.

1912: Fritz Klatte conducts pioneering work on the development of plastics polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl chloride.

1902 to 1904: Ernst Wiss develops autogenous welding and cutting.


1898: Merger of “Chemischen Fabrik Elektron” to “Chemischen Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron” (CFGE).

1896: Integration of “Chemikalienwerks Mainthal” into “Chemische Fabrik Griesheim am Main”.

1894: Development, production and first large scale technical use of carbon electrodes by “Chemische Fabrik Elektron”.

1892: Founding of majority stake holding “Chemische Fabrik Elektron” for the utilization of chlorine alkali electrolysis process.

1890: In Griesheim the world’s first chlorine alkali electrolysis at production level is taken into operation.

1889: First trade of Griesheim shares on Frankfurt stock exchange.

1882: Founding of subsidiary “Chemikalienwerk Mainthal”. Beginning of production of chlorinated hydrocarbons and their derivatives.

1863: Trade entry of “Chemische Fabrik Griesheim am Main”.

1856: Founding of Frankfurt limited company for agricultural chemical products and beginning of chemical production (artificial fertilizers, sulfuric acids, nitric acids, soda).


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